How smoking affects Teeth?

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The effects of smoking on the teeth and the oral cavity aren’t addressed that often as the rest of the body, but this is a crucial piece of information that you should know about. Everybody knows smoking is bad for your health, but did you know that smoking is a major contributor to dental health problems as well?

Tobacco causes a lot of damage to your teeth. Smoking and tobacco can cause stained teeth, bad breath and a reduced sense of taste. Over time, it can disrupt your immune system causing you to recover slower and have more complications after surgery. Cigarettes decrease your ability to block infections leading to faster bacteria and plaque buildup. Read more about 6 signs you need a new dentist.

When there are too much plaque and bacteria in your mouth, it can cause oral health problems such as:

Tooth Staining

The yellowing of the teeth is a clear indication that someone is a smoker. The chemicals found in tobacco adheres to the teeth’s enamel causing the teeth to get discolored. Teeth whitening treatments can help but if the person persists on smoking after the treatment, it will revert back to its stained color.

Bad Breath

The particles in the cigarette sticks in your mouth even after you’ve finished that stick. This causes the fouling smell of the breath. Longer-term effects of smoking cause a permanent bad breath. The growth of so many bacteria will cause a very foul smelling odor of the breath.

When there are too much bacteria present in the mouth, brushing alone won’t get rid of the smell. This is due to the fact that it has already caused dental health problems like oral sores, gum disease, and tooth decay. The best solution is to completely stop smoking then treating the oral health issues it has caused.

Gum Disease

Studies show that smokers are more likely to encounter a gum disease compared to non-smokers. Every stick of cigarette you put in your mouth increases the risk of having gum disease and could even escalate to bigger problems.

This is because smoking reduces your mouth’s ability to fight off bacteria. Bacteria will thrive in your mouth and will eventually start hurting the gums. If this situation is left untreated, the gums will start to retract away from the teeth causing the underlying bone structures to get weak. The most severe form of the disease is Periodontitis in which the bone and tissue holding the teeth will deteriorate; thus, leading to loss of teeth or extraction.

Delayed Healing

Smoking can deteriorate your body’s natural healing process. There are a few elements needed for a body to heal from a wound and one of which is oxygen. The chemicals found in cigarette smoke can cause respiratory and cardiovascular problems – both are known to decrease the amount of oxygen that the body is able to receive. Your dentist will be able to assist with this issue but it is highly recommended that the patient will stop smoking to speed up the healing process.

Oral Cancer

Mouth or oral cancer is one of the most serious smoking-related health problems. This starts as a white or red spot in the mouth along with the difficulty chewing or swallowing, ear aches and jaw numbness. These symptoms can immediately be solved, so it is important the once the cancer is detected that it is treated immediately.

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